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What is a digital leader?

by Stefan Czerniawski on 24 March 2014

Spending today with some public sector #digital leaders. Wonder what percentage are blogging or using #socialmedia? Guess we'll find out… — Chris Yiu (@clry2) March 24, 2014 What is a digital leader who doesn’t do digital? Not a digital leader (…)

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Blundering about

by Stefan Czerniawski on 1 November 2013

I had high hopes of The Blunders of our Governments. Its authors, Anthony King and Ivor Crewe have spent decades apiece observing the British political system. If they can’t make sense of what happens, perhaps nobody can. And that’s a (…)

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More public strategist

by Stefan Czerniawski on 16 October 2013

It’s time for a change. From today, the public strategist is becoming rather more public. The threadbare pseudonymity of Public Strategist has outlived its usefulness – the new About page tells all. There were two reasons for being faceless and (…)

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Blundering into agreement

by Stefan Czerniawski on 19 September 2013

Anthony King and Ivor Crewe were on great form today at the RSA where they did a splendid double act in support of their new book, The Blunders of Government. I plan to write a fuller review to go alongside (…)

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Can government deliver?

by Stefan Czerniawski on 17 September 2013

I expected to dislike Conundrum. A book written by a member of the Public Accounts Committee (Richard Bacon) and a journalist (Christopher Hope) starting with a series of case studies about some of the worst examples it has examined in (…)

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Aphorism 86

by Stefan Czerniawski on 27 June 2013

You learn nothing new by getting something right. Richard Gerver quoted by Spencer Ayres

Systems and symptoms

by Stefan Czerniawski on 13 May 2013

I am a menshevik. Steph Gray is a bolshevik. It may not end well. Steph wants a revolution, and he wants it by next summer. He does not believe in the false consciousness of the bourgeois revolution and is wary (…)

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Aphorism 80

by Stefan Czerniawski on 18 March 2013

She thinks she is leading the way, but actually she’s just going in front. Overheard, context unknown

The phoenix and the constitution

by Stefan Czerniawski on 7 March 2013

It is hard to change constitutions – deliberately so.  It is hard to re-engineer physical infrastructure – intrinsically so.  It is hard to stop and start again from scratch. Every decision and every context in which those decisions are made (…)

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The CGSW is dead. Long live the CGSW.*

by Stefan Czerniawski on 16 October 2012

*Central Government Single Website The last hours of Directgov are ticking away (normally, I would put a link in there, but it won’t go tomorrow to where I point it to today). Soon all attention will – quite rightly – (…)

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