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A bus company with a train set

by Stefan Czerniawski on 15 November 2013

Quick question: what’s the dominant form of public transport in London? And an irresistible second quick question: what is wrong with this picture? We will come back to the second question, but if your answer to the first was the (…)

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History, weak

by Stefan Czerniawski on 8 November 2013

It’s history week at the Cabinet Office, a series of internal events designed to remind the current generation of policy makers both that there is always something to learn from history and that their work will become history in its (…)

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Aphorism 35

by Stefan Czerniawski on 8 October 2010

The trouble with best practices is that they worked yesterday. Jean Russell (via Valdis Krebs)

The Guardian pwned my blog

by Stefan Czerniawski on 7 July 2010

Update:  Since posting this this morning, I have had two people contact me from the Guardian – one in a comment to this post and one by email.  As a result, I am reassured that what I experienced was a bug (…)

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Small pieces, joined not quite loosely enough

by Stefan Czerniawski on 5 July 2010

Here’s a small cautionary tale of unintended consequences. It explains why the particularly eagle eyed will have seen a post on the blog this morning which quickly disappeared – though not quite quickly enough to stop it propagating round the (…)

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Information on full power

by Public Strategist on 3 March 2009

On the substance, it looks first rate: it has a clear set of recommendations, each of which is cogently argued.
But it isn’t written as a hook to pull in somebody who doesn’t already know why they should be interested.

Readerly texts and writerly texts

by Public Strategist on 6 February 2009

All in all, this is a splendid and positive step forward, illustrating how a little bit of imagination coupled with a little bit of ingenuity can create new possibilities. But there is always room to be better still, and I have a doubt, a reflection, and a couple of niggles.

Customer insight for writers

by Public Strategist on 26 January 2009

The writer already knows what he or she is trying to communicate. The only way to judge writing, and thereby improve it, is to learn from people who are confused by it, who draw the wrong conclusion. You don’t assume (…)

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Not just a hammer

by Public Strategist on 12 August 2008

In the spirit of paying attention to what I am paying attention to, I can’t help noticing that emails are still feeling oppressive. Dave Pollard has the answer: To all employees: Beginning August 1st, you will no longer be able (…)

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Pay attention to what you’re paying attention to

by Public Strategist on 8 August 2008

How much time am I prepared to spend working. Within that, what’s the most important thing I need to do, and how much time should I commit to doing it. Iterate until time is accounted for. Of course in the real world that needs to take account of other people’s needs and preferences – but it also leads pretty forcibly to the conclusion that responding to every clamour for attention from emails and meetings is a rapid route to perdition.