Efficient delivery

How many things does government do?

Easy: 1,479,025,887 GDS has produced another fascinating tool, this time providing a list and volumes of government transactional services, which it turns out are used a shade under one and a half billion times a year. Richard Sargeant has a blog post introducing the endeavour, and making clear that this initial version is an alpha […]

Petty annoyances

The links below have two things in common.  They don’t work. And they should. http://hmrc.gov.uk http://met.police.uk http://parliament.uk http://civilservice.gov.uk http://hmg.gov.uk/ (though for so grand an address, the results to be found are sadly inconsequential) Distinguishing a web server from gopher, telnet and the host of other application protocols which jostled for supremacy as they emerged from […]

Pass the parcel

I am sitting at home waiting for a parcel, the unloved and unglamorous side effect of internet living. I know it left Sheffield last night. I know it got sorted in Birmingham. I know it got to Croydon. I know it’s on a van on its way to me. The only thing I don’t know […]

Getting better by doing less

The idea of service minimalism is a very attractive one.  Perfection –  in service design as in other things – is achieved not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away. I have written before about government being most successful when it is least intrusive and also […]

Customer service standards

I walk in, slightly tentatively. It’s not altogether clear quite where I should be. I stand in what looks like the right area.  Nobody takes any notice of me. There are one or two members of staff talking to other customers. There is a woman whose job seems to consist of walking around importantly with […]