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How many things does government do?

by Stefan Czerniawski on 27 July 2012

Easy: 1,479,025,887 GDS has produced another fascinating tool, this time providing a list and volumes of government transactional services, which it turns out are used a shade under one and a half billion times a year. Richard Sargeant has a (…)

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Is there a need for public service reform?

by Stefan Czerniawski on 19 December 2011

Some would say the answer is obvious. But it’s always worth remembering that processes seemingly designed to frustrate the customer are not limited by sector or organisation. Here’s a tale of convoluted customer service with rather a surprising punchline. Though (…)

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Service design is not the same as system design

by Stefan Czerniawski on 13 December 2010

Good services depends on good systems. But good systems do not guarantee good services. The distinction is all too often overlooked, not least by designers of systems and services. The London congestion charge is a fascinating case study of a (…)

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Petty annoyances

by Stefan Czerniawski on 1 December 2010

The links below have two things in common.  They don’t work. And they should. (though for so grand an address, the results to be found are sadly inconsequential) Distinguishing a web server from gopher, telnet (…)

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Overheard: service design opportunities

by Stefan Czerniawski on 13 November 2010

To the post office this morning. Twice: once to queue up to post some parcels and once to queue up somewhere else to collect one. At the post office, the woman in front of me wanted a form to convert (…)

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Pass the parcel

by Stefan Czerniawski on 12 August 2010

I am sitting at home waiting for a parcel, the unloved and unglamorous side effect of internet living. I know it left Sheffield last night. I know it got sorted in Birmingham. I know it got to Croydon. I know (…)

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Aphorism 18

by Stefan Czerniawski on 13 March 2010

Try as we might, we just couldn’t make a mortgage application fun, so we made it simple instead. ING tube advert

Getting better by doing less

by Stefan Czerniawski on 1 October 2009

The idea of service minimalism is a very attractive one.  Perfection -  in service design as in other things – is achieved not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away. I (…)

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The gathering clouds, with aspect dark

by Stefan Czerniawski on 23 September 2009

There are two things I understand about cloud computing. The first is that it works as an insurance policy. My house might burn down, my computers all get stolen, my hard disks fail simultaneously, and still I will not have (…)

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Customer service standards

by Public Strategist on 17 July 2009

I walk in, slightly tentatively. It’s not altogether clear quite where I should be. I stand in what looks like the right area.  Nobody takes any notice of me. There are one or two members of staff talking to other (…)

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