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The power of information, tube strike second edition

by Stefan Czerniawski on 4 February 2014

As an update to yesterday’s post showing how much better TfL information can be presented by applying a little bit of information design, here is an even better example – it’s a cleaner map, with more information and it’s by (…)

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The power of information, tube strike edition

by Stefan Czerniawski on 3 February 2014

If you don’t know what’s going on in a system, it’s very hard to know how to respond to it. Those who have information are powerful, those who share information empower others. Some of that is about big stuff, but (…)

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Aphorism 82

by Stefan Czerniawski on 1 May 2013

No matter how beautiful, no matter how cool your interface, it would be better if there were less of it. Alan Cooper, quoted by Edward Tufte

Imagining the future

by Stefan Czerniawski on 22 March 2013

There is a lot of pseudo-scientific claptrap published about the future. There are people who carefully extrapolate trends, construct complex scenarios, weight many outcomes, some of whom necessarily get some things right through sheer chance, but many of whom appear (…)

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Nativity scene

by Stefan Czerniawski on 21 December 2012

Harry has a new baby. The baby needs a passport. Or does she? Just used for reals to look up passport requirements for #baby. All questions answered quickly & definitely better than the booklet — Harry Metcalfe (@harrym) November (…)

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Alpha conversation

by Stefan Czerniawski on 7 May 2011

This is how conversations work, or rather how one conversation played out on twitter this morning. Tricky subject, no right answer, constructive discussion.* But perhaps most important of all, those issues are being discussed in public for a government proof (…)

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Blurred reading

by Stefan Czerniawski on 28 April 2011

When I was 17, my first proper paid job was in the public library just down the road from the Elephant and Castle. It was the first time I had come across large print books. They had their own section, (…)

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Reality distortion fields

by Stefan Czerniawski on 8 January 2011

Every person and every organisation has some form of reality distortion field. Some are more severe than others, and according to Stephen Toulouse, Microsoft has a particularly severe version of the problem: The Redmond Reality Distortion Field: The field that (…)

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Design Jam

by Stefan Czerniawski on 6 November 2010

I have written a couple of times about the gap I see between the brilliance of hack days, as exemplified by Rewired State, and the need to build customer needs and user experience into the mix: These projects can get (…)

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Barriers and trade offs

by Stefan Czerniawski on 28 October 2010

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about some barriers across a footpath as a simple illustration of how easy it is to skew public decision making if the question is defined too narrowly.  Since then I have come across a (…)

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