Public Strategist is written by Stefan Czerniawski. I am a UK civil servant with many years’ experience working in policy, operational and programme delivery, ministerial support, service design and organisational strategy, and am currently based in the Cabinet Office, leading a project on improving digital information management across government. All of that experience informs what I write, but this is a personal blog and the views expressed in it do not represent the position of the government. The views in posts categorised as aphorisms or interesting elsewhere don’t necessarily represent my views at all:  I include things because I think they are interesting and provocative, not because I necessarily think they are right.

I would not write this blog in this way if I were not a civil servant, but this is not a blog about my life as a civil servant: the easiest way of avoiding the risk of writing inappropriately about the content of my work is avoid writing about much of the detail. I think the rules of the game for civil servants using social media are pretty simple and in case of doubt, it always useful to have Steph Gray’s helpful flowchart close to hand (also embedded at the bottom of this page).

You can also find me elsewhere – I am active on Twitter (where I welcome conversation about the issues covered here) and passive on LinkedIn (where you can see what I have worked on and where I formed my prejudices).

In January 2015, I started a second blog, Private Tactician, where I post occasional pieces which don’t quite fit here – its first post explains the difference.

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